What Is Sledgehammer Simple?

It’s sledgehammer simple – it’s a service:


  • that provides practical management tools for business
  • that offers you a single page diagram providing the knowledge and understanding necessary to deal with issues you may not come across every day – and those that you do
  • that works to the KISS principle (Keep It Sledgehammer Simple)

(To see the information on this page presented in classic Sledgehammer Simple style you can download the diagram on the right – just click to open in your browser then you can save a copy or print it)

Who is it for?

  • those who don‘t have the time to look through reams of information just to get to the heart of a business problem
  • those who want something sledgehammer simple that will give them enough information to complete the job or enough breathing space to ‘hold’ the situation at bay whilst they sort out the issue in the long term
  • experienced and inexperienced managers / team leaders / supervisors and those who just want information for their academic studies or information that will help them achieve effective outcomes to business problems
  • in fact, anyone who needs simple, effective and easily understood tools for their business

Practical business tools covered:

Currently we have diagrams covering the following:

  • Problem analysis and decision making
  • Leadership and communication
  • Management
  • Marketing

We are continually adding to the list as more diagrams complete our rigorous quality assurance process.

How do we do it?

  • we research the latest thinking and see how this impacts on our original ideas
  • the first draft is drawn

The hard part comes next, (and is where most debate takes place – to put it mildly):

  • take out anything that can confuse
  • take out anything that means the diagram does not meet the challenging sledgehammer simple KISS principle
  • the second draft is completed and considered by the group
  • the drawing is sent to a number of trusted critical friends for review
  • their comments are considered and the final drawing completed and uploaded for purchase

Even then, we have a continuous evaluation and review process to check that the diagram is current and fit for purpose.

Who are we?

  • based in Edinburgh, Scotland, we are a small group of experienced business people who have worked with each other over many years
  • we have over 90 years of business experience – in many cases we use our own practical knowledge and understanding as the basis of our approach
  • some of us run our own consultancies
  • others work in ‘blue chip’ organisations
  • we have a wide variety of experience in a large number of different business areas and sectors
  • we all have international experience