Licensing and Pricing

What you’re entitled to do once you’ve downloaded the diagram

You will find the conditions of use of the website here, but here in  a nutshell is the way we license our knowledge and make it available to you. In  the main we expect you to be straight with us in the same way we feel we are  with you – it’s an ethical and trust thing.

  • You have three days in which to download the item you have purchased as well
    as three attempts at downloading.
  • You’re entitled, able and encouraged to print off the diagram you have
    purchased, (high resolution) but not allowed to change its content.

We ask you not to copy and send to your colleagues so they can print off the  diagram you have purchased and downloaded. We can’t stop you, but as we’ve  already said before – it’s an ethical and trust thing. Just don’t do it, it’s not right. Plus, it isn’t as if price is really an issue, is it? (See below)


We decided to make the price as competitive as  we could, so it’s only £1.99 per diagram