Leadership and Communication

02.1.4 – Meetings – Use and Abuse: 2 of 2

02.1.4  – Meetings – Use and Abuse: 2 of 2

Second of two diagrams relating to running effective meetings.

Elements comprise: when not to call meetings, effective meeting essentials, and why meeting disaffection occurs.

Links with 02.1.1 – role of chairperson at non public meetings; 02.1.2 – behaviour patterns at non public meetings; 02.1.3 – meetings use and abuse (1 of 2)

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02.3 Communication Skills

02.3  Communication Skills

Presentations are about effective communications.

They also need to be simple, concise and interesting.

This diagram comprises: why communication is important; verbal – vs – written; and preparation for delivery.

A simple communication model is also provided.

Useful for experienced presenters as well as beginners.

Linked to 2.4 – making an effective presentation.

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02.4 Making An Effective Presentation

02.4  Making An Effective Presentation

As already mentioned in 2.3, presentations are about effective communications.

To communicate effectively requires presentations to be simple, concise and interesting.

This diagram will provide you with a process to help achieve this.

Linked with 2.3 – communication skills.

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02.5 Strategic Communications

02.5  Strategic Communications

Effective communication is key to an organisation’s success.

This diagram provides an eight stage model and will take you through the main elements required for an effective communication strategy and action plan.

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02.6.2 Team briefing – briefing skills (2 of 3)

02.6.2  Team briefing – briefing skills (2 of 3)

This is the second of three diagrams relating to creating an effective team briefing process and covers briefing skills.

This comprises three elements: attending a briefing; briefing others; and ensuring relevance.

As with the other two diagrams in this series, explanation to support your understanding is provided.

Links with 2.6.1 – team briefing – introduction (1 of 3); 2.6.3 (team briefing – the briefing (3 of 3)

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02.7 Levering Change

02.7  Levering Change

Understanding the need for change is key if an individual, team or organisation is to survive in today’s continuously changing world.

This diagram begins by making clear the importance of leadership in any levering change process.

Another seven elements in the levering change process are then provided.

It is made clear that all processes are interconnected and dynamic, i.e. they impact one on the other.

Although this process can be considered strategic, it can be applied at the team and individual level.

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