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03.1 Achievement model

03.1  Achievement model

A simple (but not simplistic) graphic that shows the impact of not putting in place the necessary processes, support structures etc., required for an organisation to achieve.

It really is as straightforward as that.

However, the challenge will be addressing the ‘gaps’.

A very powerful visual.

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03.2 GROW model

03.2  GROW model

The grow model is a popular and effective coaching tool.

Having a clear process will help a team solve problems, improve decision making as well as enable team members learn new skills.

Proven techniques such as this can help you become a better coach.

In doing so, the team’s performance will improve.

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03.3 Balanced Scorecard

03.3  Balanced Scorecard

First generation balanced scorecard (BSC) had issues regarding selection of measures and target setting.

Second generation showed relationships between measures, introduced ‘strategy map’ – still issues with measure selection and target setting.

Third (most recent) generation provides a more robust model.

Introduces a ‘strategic linkage’ element to the process.

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03.4 The Learning Organisation

03.4  The Learning Organisation

This diagram provides you with the key elements associated with introducing this process.

It also provides suggestions about how to invoke an effective programme.



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03.5 Business Excellence Model

03.5  Business Excellence Model

A useful model to use for those organisations aiming for excellence.

Especially useful for organisations undergoing change.

Its main value is its customer orientation.

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03.6 Balancing The Interaction of Individual And Group

03.6  Balancing The Interaction of Individual And Group

Today’s environment tends to be a matter of prioritising limited resources, (people, time, money).

This model provides a simple yet robust structure for those teams requiring clarification of individual and group roles.

Both individual and group contribution is shown, as are the tasks and processes involved.

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